AmakedCare AU

At AmakedCare, we understand that personal care is more than just a routine – it’s a vital aspect of your well-being and self-worth. Our mission is to provide you with exceptional personal care services that not only address your physical needs but also nurture your emotional and mental health.

With a team of compassionate and skilled professionals, we are dedicated to tailoring our services to your unique preferences and requirements. Whether it’s assistance with grooming, bathing, dressing, or medication management, we approach each task with respect, dignity, and a commitment to maintaining your comfort and autonomy.

We recognize that personal care extends beyond the practical aspects. It’s about fostering a sense of connection, trust, and reliability. Our caregivers not only offer competent assistance but also lend a listening ear and a warm smile, making every interaction a meaningful and positive experience.

Your well-being is at the heart of everything we do. From ensuring a safe environment to promoting a sense of empowerment, our personal care services are designed to enhance your quality of life and provide you with the support you deserve. Because to us, personal care is not just a service – it’s a partnership in your journey towards a healthier, happier you.”


Our Core Values

Our Mission

To create a world where everyone can lead a life without limitations, because when we care for people with disabilities, we uplift humanity as a whole.

Our Vision

We strive to break down barriers, foster inclusivity, and promote the holistic well-being of those we serve. 

Through innovative and compassionate support, we aim to enable individuals with disabilities to lead lives full of dignity, opportunity, and meaningful connections, realizing their potential and contributing to a more diverse and enriched community.